Nathaniel SKINNER (Rev)

Father: Richard SKINNER

Family 1: Elizabeth KING
  1. Samuel SKINNER
  2. Reuben SKINNER
  3. Robert SKINNER
  4. John SKINNER
  5. Frances (Frankie) SKINNER
  6. Richard SKINNER
  7. Rachel SKINNER
  8. James SKINNER
  9. Anne SKINNER

                    _Richard SKINNER _
 _Richard SKINNER _|
|                  |_Susanna POULAIN _
|--Nathaniel SKINNER 
|                   __________________



!.....Hartinger, Rosalie manuscript Skinner Families of Lower Turkeyfoot twp, Somerset co, PA pg 1: He was born at Woodbridge, NJ and came to Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset Co, PA with the migration of some 15 or 20 families who came to that region about 1773 and formed what came to be known as the "Jersey Settlement." He and his wife are buried side by side in the Jersey Baptist Churchyard near Ursina. The stones over their graves read: The body of / NATHANIEL SKINNER, SEN. / who was born at / Woodbridge in New Jersey / lieth here / who departed this life / October 1, 1801 / aged 95 years. (His stone is legible) Here lieth the body of / ELIZABETH SKINNER / wife of Nathaniel / Skinner, Senr. / aged 81 years - - - - / Sept. 7, 1799 (The wife's not so good) The census of 1800 does not show the name of Nathaniel Skinner, Senior, but the family of his son, Robert, shows two men above the age of 45, and it is likely that the father was living with the son. The Pa. land records show that under a warrant dated October 15, 1785 Nathaniel secured 122 acres of land which was surveyed Apr 10, 1786. The land is located directly across the road from the Jersey Baptist Church and extends up both sides of the dra_ which leads northwest from the Jersey Church toward the present site of the Bethel Church. This land passed to his son, Robert. The land was surrounded on three sides by land owned by Reuben Skinner, Samuel Skinner, James Skinner and John Skinner, and the location is referred to in the land records as "Skinner's Row." Some accounts say there was a son, James Skinner. The census of 1790 lists Nathaniel Skinner as having two daughters. Oliver Drake who was born in 1745 married Franky Skinner. It is possible she was a daughter of Nathaniel.

!.....Jennings, Marian (9/90) fgs

!.....SKU 5(2):22: Deacon Richard Skinner, son of Richard Skinner & Susannah Poulain, was married to the daughter of Robert WRIGHT. The source for this is The New Jersey Archives, vol 21, pg 311: 29 Aug 1700. Deed. Robert Wright of Woodbridge to his son-in-law Richard Skinner of the same place, for 60 acres there on a branch of Rahaway R., S.E. the Mill brook of Rahaway, S. W. Jonathan Haines, N.W. unsurveyed, N. E. George Marcke. Sarah (Moore) Skinner is not the mother of Nathaniel Skinner of Somerset co, PA. Monette appaently never voticed the age discrepancy; Sarah (Moore) Skinner is too young ot be the mother of Nathaniel Skinner, no matter who she married. This will give you an indication of why Montette's genealgocial conclusions are so poor: He had a woman who had evidently marrid a Mr. Skinner, he had a Mr. Skinner who needed a wife, so he put them together.

!.....SKU 10(2):24 I have a part of a SKINNER article which appears on p 141, but I do not know from which book it came: According to a tombstone in the Jersey Chruch Cemetery in Somerset co, near Confluence, PA, a certain Nathaniel Skinner, Sr., was born in 1706, at Woodbrigge, NJ. In a history of New Jersey, according to Harry S. Rush of Fargo, ND, who is a descendant of Nathaniel Skinner, the following statement was found; "A Rev. William Skinner who lived at or near Woodbridge had come from Scotland (the original name was MacGregor). He was supposed to have participated in an uprising against George II. He changed his name to Skinner and fled to America. He married Elizabeth Cortland of NY. [See ID 51570/40107.] (He must have been of our (George Skinner) family because there are so many Cortland Skinners hanging on the family tree, including a grand-nephew by that name at this writing.) He had a son, James, who we believe was the father of Nathaniel of the Jersey settlement. The family came into Somerset County by wagon train from New Jersey along with some fifteen or twenty families about 1773. Nathaniel died in 1801, and is buried at the Jersey Church Cemetery. He supposedly had a large family: Samuel, Nathaniel Jr., James, Robert, Reuben, and several daughters. James and two other Skinners served in the Revolutionary War and were given tracts of land by the government for the service rendered. James took a plot of land known as the James B. Leonard Tract (now Stroyer place). The other two Skinners, possibly Samuel was one, and his brother, took up plots or tracts of land lying north of the Kooser farm in the area of Kern, Johnson, Critchfield, and running into Mud Pike. Reuben came to the Mill Run area and established the mill at Mill Run on the Elijah Kooser property. He died in 1821. After his death, his family emigrated farther west. Robert Skinner's son, Willet Skinner, purchased, lived, and died on the farm on which thepresent Indian Creek Baptist Church is located. His son, Abraham, took over the farm and trmained there until his death. It was he who deeded the oak grove and cemetery to the church trustees. Willet had a family of fourteen girls and seven boys. The boys were all licensed or ordained minister.

!.....E86.0405.02, 03 Thacker, Marilyn fgs refs: Jane Wiecker; Hopewell Baptist Church; Jersey Baptist Church; the 1800 census does not have Nathaniel listed but does show Robert having 2 men over 45 living with him; land records.

!.....E90.0408.03 SKU 7(2) Robison, Gladys M

!.....E94.0724.32 Davis, Jean (8/79)

!.....E94.0721.31a SKU 11(5):90 Rossiter, Roland

!.....E94.1124.08 SKU 11(5):99 Spencer, Barbara lineage

!.....E95.0801.14 Patrick, Ervin fgs bur place; m place prob Middlesex co, NJ

!.....E95.0814.04 SKU 14(1)2 Walker, Wilma Jean fgs

!.....SKU 16(3)69 Harned, John query (4/98)

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