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2014, 1101

Added additional information regarding Skinner name on the Skinner Name page.

2014, 0830

Skinner Family Association file count at reaches 25,897 Skinners and Skinner descendants. Yes, there are some duplicates in the files. However, we've reached a goodly number in 30 years!


2012, 0916

Added three new locations suggested by Brenda Skinner of Madoc, Ontario, Canada to the "Skinners on Location" Google Earth Map.

2012, 0915

Created a link to Facebook, which will start to appear on Skinner Family Association web site pages:

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2012, 0915

Skinner Family Association file count at reaches 22,133 Skinners and Skinner descendants.

2012, 0915

Completed transfer of Skinners On Location web page to Google Earth Map.


2011, Fall

All files from the website have been uploaded to All Skinner Family Association files residing at are indicated by the initial letters "SFA." (example: SFA Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA) Adding any documented information to the SFA files as they come in, but a long process. Currently hundreds of "hints" to look through to determine accuracy of match resource to correct family.


2010, 0117

Uploaded files from Harding file of descendants of Dr. John Skinner of Otterton, England. File was also uploaded to ancestry under name of SFA Harding.

2009, 1219

Uploaded files from extraction of Skinner lines found in the Visitations of England. Not complete or extensive. File was also uploaded to ancestry under name of SFA Visitations Extractions.
2009, 1017
Emailed Fall 2009 newsletter to current mailing list.


2008, 1128
Edwin A. Page portrays Dr. Elisha Skinner of the Massachusetts Xth Regiment.
2008, 1117
Added research information regarding Hannah Carpenter, provided by Gene Zubrinsky, Ojai, CA
2008, 1116
Uploaded data received from Barbara Bourn to John Skinner of Hartford file
2008, 1005
Clyde Senger has advised us that he has updated information at his website on Hiram SKINNER (1834-1911) and Elizabeth FRIEND. (Click here for Hiram's page.)


2007, 0722
Uploaded updated Thomas Skinner of Malden file with the addition of data provided in 2001 by Todd Skinner of Vancouver, WA
2007, 05/19
Uploaded preliminary Visitations file of Skinner data extracted from Harleain Society records
2007, 05/12
Spring 2007 enewletter mailed
2007, 03/31
Uploaded namelists of all files.


2006, 12/16
John Skinner of Hartford file uploaded.
2006, 12/16
New personal web site of Cheryl Skinner, Connecting Family Dots
2006, 12/16
New query from Mary Heywood, Dartmouth, Devon UK

enewsletter mailed 11/18/2006

2006, 10/22
Richard Skinner of Woodbridge file uploaded.
2006, 08/26
Richard Skinner, Able Seaman, HMS Bounty
2006, 08/21
Article on Edenton, NC Tea Party (Skinner Articles)
2006, 08/13
Two new queries added to Queries page 17 (2006).
2006, 08/11
Added link to Edward Skinner, gardner, Clapham, Eng., b c 1765/1770 (Skinner Web Sites)
2006, 08/04
Survey added to home page.
2006, 08/01
Kea database now included in the Google site search.
2006, 07/29
Uploaded .pdf of Volume 14 #4 (Fall 1996)

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