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The 1066 Skinner Lineage

The Legend of the Skinner Lineage to William the Conqueror, 1066

Many Skinner researchers have run across a reference to a line going back to the year 1066, of a Norman knight named Skinner who fought with William the Conqueror.

This lineage was purported to be located in the
College of Arms in the UK, providing "proof" of a Skinner lineage going back centuries in the city of Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire.

In 2012, the Skinner Family Association contacted the College of Arms to determine if, in fact, a Skinner lineage did exist. A response from Christopher Vane, (then current) Portcullis Pursuivant at the College of Arms, stated:
"There is quite a lot of material relating to the Skinner family of Herefordshire in vol. 23 of Dale's Pedigrees. There are inter alia a number of letters from Rev. William Skinner to Dale. There is also what purports to be a pedigree of the family which starts with Sir Robert Skenner who is alleged to have come over with William the Conqueror. This pedigree consists of 28 generations. There is a note on it indicating that Dale had copied it from another document."
Mr. Vane concludes his response with:
I must emphasise that this pedigree is not part of the Official Records of the College of Arms and neither I nor the College of Arms are to be taken as representing that it is correct or accurate.
The Skinner Family Association has made an attempt to verify and/or document any of the lineage from a posting of the transcribed lineage at: Skinner 1066 Lineages. As of 2017, not one record has been found that can collaborate this legendary lineage. The Skinner Family Association is eager to learn of any documentation that can prove any part of the lineage of the Bolingbroke line (seen on the left side of the England 1 lineage page). We are aware of bits and pieces of documentation of the associated lines that have been found in various peerage and visitations books, but, the only verification of a line going back to 1066 and William the Conqueror is the (certified) lineage on file at the College of Arms in the aforementioned Dale's Pedigrees.

Wiliam the Conqueror's mother was a skinner. Not.
Where the confusion comes in: The supposed mother of William the Conqueror was a young lady named Herleve. Her parentage was questioned, and it was believed that her family came from a line of tanners, aka skinners. Thus, in some records, she was given a surname based on her ancestral workers, becoming "Herleve, skinner." HOWEVER: there is NO DOCUMENTATION that gives ANY reference to anyone carrying on that line with the surname SKINNER.
"After 1066, the Norman barons introduced surnames into England, and the practice gradually spread. Initially, the identifying names were changed or dropped at will, but eventually they began to stick and to get passed on. So trades, nicknames, places of origin, and fathers' names became fixed surnames - names such as Fletcher and Smith, Redhead and Swift, Green and Pickering, Wilkins and Johnson. By 1400 most English families, and those from Lowland Scotland, had adopted the use of hereditary surnames."
Source: What's in a Name? Your Link to the Past. By Paul Blake. 2011-04-26.

Based on circumstantial evidence, it is our contention that the Bolingbroke lineage was "created" to provide a background of ancestors that established a level of prestige, possibly allowing a son to be considered to attend Thornton College.

The Skinner Family Association would appreciate any research assistance in substantiating this Skinner lineage going back almost 1000 years. Feel free to contact us with any reliable and verifiable documentation.

Skinner Family Portrait(√0718)
Skinner Family - Northwest (added 07/2018)
Skinner Surname
Wikipedia article on Skinner being developed by James Skinner.(√0718)
B.(urrhus) F.(rederick) Skinner(√0718)
B.(urrhus) F.(rederick) Skinner's Bibliography
The Selection of behavior: The operant behaviorism of B. F. Skinner: comments and consequences. A matter of consequences: Part three of an autobiography.(√0718)
B. K. Skinner
Amos SKINNER is a descendant of Richard Skinner of Woodbridge, NJ.
Bob Skinner (updated 08/2018)
I've finally gotten around to putting some of my information online that deals with Old Benjamin Skinner of Darlington SC.
Brian Skinner,
husband of the lovely Angela, father of the thoughtful Jane.
Charles Skinner
Dunedin, FL, home of the ancestors of Charles Skinner. The chapter on the citrus industry has good information on his pioneer ancestors.
Cheryl Skinner (12/2006)
Cheryl Skinner has told us about her Skinner Family website "Connecting Family Dots" which includes a number of articles and photos about her family.
Chuck Skinner
Cinematographer/Lighting Director
Charles Clement SKINNER (1842-1932)
was the keeper at Marshall Point light house, Port Clyde, ME for 43 years and holds the record for service in one place. There is a museum at the light house now with letters, pictures and other items of family interest.
Cindy Lynn Skinner
has a web site with her lineage on it. It is a genealogy based home page with a surname message board.
Dan Skinner
West Lafayette, Indiana
Daniel Skinner (01/2006)
Of Corinth, ME, including information on the Skinner Settlement.

Daniel Skinner
Family tree, family photo album and web site.
Darrin Skinner
Dave Skinner
Essex, England to California Skinners
Dominic and Rachelle Skinner
have created their family website:
Edward Skinner, (updated 08/2006)
gardner, Clapham, Eng., b c 1765/1770. Married to Ann TOW, their descendants through 5 generations. Developed by Mike Payne, Gloucester, UK
Eric E. Skinner
Owner / Manager of web portal, Bonner County, Idaho.
Ernest Martin Skinner, Organist (Wikipedia)
Ernest Martin Skinner (Ancestry) (born 1866 in Clarion, Pennsylvania - November 26/27, 1960) was one of the most successful American pipe organ builders of the early 20th century. His electro-pneumatic switching systems advanced the technology of organ building in the first part of the 20th century. (Source: Wikipedia)
Dr. Eugene Skinner Magnet Center
was named after Dr. Eugene Skinner. Dr. Skinner was a principal and asst. superintendent of the Omaha Public Schools. He passed away a few years ago. His widow attended the dedication for the school this past April. He attended the University of Iowa and was (still is) VERY respected in the educational community throughout the midwest.
Eugene F. Skinner (updated 08/2017)
Founder of Eugene, Oregon.
Descendant of John Skinner of Hartford line: Ancestry lineage
I'm trying to locate descendants of Francis SKINNER (1797-1876) and his wife, Lucy (JASPER) SKINNER (1792-1866). Francis was the son of John SKINNER (1752-1849) Revolutionary War Veteran (VA Militia). Francis and Lucy are buried 3 miles north of Jonesburg, MO and John is buried 10 miles south of Jonesburg, MO. I found and visited the Skinner cemetery where Francis and Lucy are buried. This cemetery is approximately 1/4 acre and is in terrible condition. I'm trying to contact Francis SKINNER descendants to determine if there is any interest in doing something about cleaning up the cemetery. Please contact:
Hellen Skinner
is a paper conservator in Sweden. She lives in Stockholm and has her private conservation workshop there. Her Skinner surname comes from her English father who got married to a Swedish women. A Swedish branch on the Skinner family tree.
Hiram Skinner
Hiram or Hyrum Skinner, son of Orange Skinner and Tarsy/Tarsah/Turgy Bartlett, born 24 May 1834 in Cattaraugus Co., NY, died 5 June 1911 in Tallman, Linn Co. OR, buried Lebanon Cemetery, Linn Co., OR, will dated 19 Oct 1909 filed Albany, Linn Co., OR, a farmer, married 21 Feb 1858 in Antrim, Shiawassee Co., MI (pages maintained by Clyde Senger)
Ian Skinner
No genealogy here, but some great shots of scuba diving. Ian asked that we share his great site with everyone! (Skinners have many diverse interests!)
John Skinner
served on the English ship Hope which transported victuals westward during the battle with the Spanish Armada.
with lines of descent to English, Scottish, Australian and USA Branches. Includes a history of the Skinner name and a great reproduction of a pedigree scroll.
John Douglas & Judy Skinner
(apparently we've lost this link)
Captain John Macgregor Skinner, Royal Navy
I have found about Captain John Macgregor Skinner, Royal Navy. It's an interesting story. He is my great, great, great Granndfather. His father was Brigadier General Cortlandt. Dr Gavin Macgregor-Skinner
Joseph Allen Skinner (08/2000, updated 08/2017)
Silk manufacturer Joseph Allen Skinner deeded the first parcel (375 acres) of Skinner State Park (Hadley, MA) to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1940.
Articles on Skinner Silk and Satin:
SKU Article
William Skinner's Ancestry
William Skinner's Silk Mills, Holyoke, Massachusetts (Intro)
Doris Tanguay at the William Skinner Manufacturing Company (Part 1)
Doris Tanguay at the William Skinner Manufacturing Company(Part 2)
Justin Skinner's Homepage
Justin Skinner's Homepage Department of Mathematical Sciences Loughborough University Loughborough Leicestershire, LE11
Kirk Skinner's Homepage
A Major in the USMC stationed in Japan.
Lorenzo Skinner
The Steve A. Pritchett----Skinner home page. I have a full report on my line of Skinners starting with my ggggrandfather Lorenzo D. Skinner b. 1813 Virginia. He later moved to North Carolina met and married a Delilia Phifer. They had several children in North Carolina before moving on to Tennessee. Lorenzo was a farmer Carpenter, and later drove a wagon around fixing things for others called in those days a Tinker.
Lynyrd Skynyrd
It Is Time To Meet The Real Leonard Skinner
Mary Ann Skinner,
who married (1853 Ohio) Thomas LEACH, is an ancestor of Gordon Albert Magill
Michael K. Skinner's Homepage
Family Tree Maker Skinner Listing. eSa: Alexander SKINNER, b. January 15, 1687/88, Chittlehampton, Devon, England, s/o Alexander SKINNER
Mike Skinner
After starting fifth, Mike Skinner and the No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service team led only the last two laps and won Ford Credit's Ford Dealers 300 at Mesa Marin Raceway at Bakersfield, Calif.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner's site for his music group "The Streets." "It would take forever to try and describe his music so when you have a minute you may like to nose round his website" writes his brother Dan Skinner.
Nancy Mary Skinner
7th generation descendant of Thomas Skinner of Malden, her ancestral and descendant lines as posted by Bob and Nareen Lake.
Nathaniel Skinner
b PA, about 1811 or 1812, and descendants, ancestors of Richard E. Parr
Orange Skinner Bible Records
and other Skinner records have been posted by Clyde M. Senger at his web site.
Phiness/Phineas Skinner of GA.
I am descended from Maelda Skinner who was a daughter of his. Christina Hunt
Pinkie Alice Bourne Skinner
PIONEER STORY. American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940 (You'll need to do a search at this page.)
Richard Skinner
Barber on the HMS Bounty
Richard A. Skinner's Homepage
Family Tree Maker Skinner Listing. Descendant of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA
Simon Skinner
Skinner Broadcasting, Inc.
Rodger Skinner
John Rodger Skinner, Jr.
Phone: 954-340-3110
Skinner Sisters
Skinner Family Association long-time friend Linn Skinner has put up a great non-commercial webzine and site about embroidery and embroidery history
Principal Seymour Skinner and Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson, Principal Skinner's nemesis and a few sites relating to their eternal conflict...
I would like to inform you that there are many Skinnaris in Finland.
Ville Skinnari is Ville Skinnari is currently in London doing a post graduate course in Commerial Law (LLM) and working as a free/lance journalist. Jouko Skinnari can be contacted via his personal web site. He is an MP in the Finnish Parliament.
Stephen A. Skinner's Homepage
Family Tree Maker Skinner Listing.
Susannah Skinner
was born about 1717. She married David Hardon. Susannah died June 25, 1821, in Mansfield, Bristol Co., MA. (Susannah (5); Thomas (4, 3, 2); Thomas (1) of Malden, MA.)
Timothy Skinner
Descendant of Thomas of Malden, Russ McGillivray lists extensive references to Timothy Skinner, his ancestors and family.
Todd Skinner Family Web Site
My growing family just started our own web site to keep all of our relatives up-to-date on our new daughter.
Walter Skinner and Mitch Pileggi
Walter Skinner, character on The X Files, and Mitch Pileggi, the actor who plays him.

Skinner Lines We've Heard About

Lloyd Gledhill
ancestors are William Skinner and Thomas Brown Skinner from the period 1726-1860 in St Minver, St Endellion and St Kew, Cornwall, England.
Lloyd Gledhill
ancestors are John Skinner b 1812 at Mile End, East London and his wife Elizabeth Moore b circa 1809 in London (Essex).
Paul Laureu's Genealogy Web Site
Clyde Senger's Genealogy Web Site
Clyde Senger, descendant of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA. Includes information on associated lines: BRIDGES, CHAPIN, COOLEY, DUNLAP, GALLOWAY, HESS, MADDEN MICHAEL, PEARL, PERRILL, RUSH, and SENGER.
Dave & Sue Tylcoat (of Devon, England)
have Skinner indexes on their web site. They would be interested to hear from anyone who has links to 'their' Skinners. They can e-mail notes they have on any of them to anybody who is interested.
Mike Young's wife
descends from Jane SKINNER who married Thomas Latham Warren at St Kew, Cornwall, England.

Skinner Business Sites

Golden Stage Inn
Proctorsville, Vermont. The Skinner's of Proctorsville. The property was purchased by the Rev. Warren Skinner in about 1836. His first wife, Nancy, had died in 1831, leaving 5 children. Warren returned to Proctorsville with a new wife, Lucretia. They apparently (according to tombstone in nearby cemetery) had a son who died in early childhood.
Bentley & Skinner, Jewelers, and Silversmiths (08/2017)
Specialising in fine antique jewels and beautiful engagement rings, Bentley & Skinner also provides an unparalleled range of services including valuations for insurance and probate, repairs, seal-engraving, pearl-stringing and bespoke jewellery commissions upon request.
Skinner and Associates, Patent Attorney
Joel Skinner, Houlton, Wisconsin.
Bob Skinners Ski and Sport
Specializing in winter sports, summer sports, and bicycling.
Alan & Pam Skinner
RE/MAX Crest Realty, North Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)
Skinner Amusements, Inc (Updated 07/2018)
DRS Skinners' Amusements Inc. is a family owned and operated carnival, originated in Crystal Lake, Illinois in 1910.
Henry Skinner was one of the early members of Skinner's Amusements Company.
Skinner cleaver knives
The LION hunting knife.
Skinner Macaroni Company
Eugene SKINNER was from Omaha, NE. He had 3 brothers, Lewis (who died when he was in his 20's) Lloyd, who died in 1986 and Paul. Eugene died in the 1960's. Eugene and his brothers inherited a pasta business from their father. Skinner Macaroni was located in Omaha. Lloyd bought out all of the brothers and became sole owner of the company. In 1979 Lloyd sold Skinner Macaroni to Hershey Foods Co.
Skinner's Raisin Bran
The idea for Skinner's Raisin Bran came from the Skinner family who owned the Skinner Macaroni Company in Omaha, Nebraska. They approached U.S. Mills, another Omaha company, to make the product for them. For many years Skinner's Raisin Bran was made by U.S. Mills and marketed by the Skinner Macaroni company. In the 1970's the Hershey Pasta Group purchased the Skinner Macaroni Company, and U.S. Mills became the marketer of Skinner's Raisin Bran.
J. Skinner Bakery
Today, the descendants of Skinner Macaroni co-founder Lloyd M. Skinner are directly involved in the James Skinner Baking Co. , started in 1983. Jim Skinner, grandson of Lloyd Skinner, is chairman of the board, and three of his children are involved in the business, even as the youngest is finishing up her degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Skinner Sisters
Skinner Sisters is a retail and wholesale business specializing in embroidery charts and books reflecting our interest in historic embroidery.

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