Updated 1 July 2019

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Friends of the

Skinner Family

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We would like to express our thanks to the Skinner Family Association Web Site users and Facebook Followers who have helped make our site available to the whole genealogical community.

These are people who, after using our web site or donating online, have decided that it's continued development is crucial to Skinner research.

Without their financial support and encouragement, there would be no Skinner Family Association web site.

PATRONS and Legacy*

$500 +

Charlou Dolan (Legacy)
Michele Reid (Legacy)
John B. Skinner III (Legacy (Deceased))
Bob Skinner (Legacy)
Ric Skinner (Legacy)
Sande S. Skinner (Legacy)
William Weiler (Legacy)

* Legacy: Over the past 40+ years, certain people have made lasting and continuous contributions to the Skinner Family Association. Without their support, we would not have been able to be around these 40+ years. The Skinner Family Association extends thanks to their lifelong commitment to the cause.


$500 +


$100 - $499

Tanya Jacoberger (10/2019)
Bert Cullen (10/2019)
Patrick Skinner (10/2019)
Ric Skinner (2019)
Kenneth James (2019)


$50 - $99

Jenny Westerman (10/2019)
Judi Root (2019)

Shannon Skinner (2018)
Walter J. & Sylvia H. SKINNER (2017)


$25 - $49

Michele Reid (10/2019)
Paul Rieken (2019)
Cathie Skinner (2019)

Neil Skinner (2018)
Mary Gayle Moore (2018)


$1 - $24

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