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August 1, 2005
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(Frequently Asked Questions)

I'm just starting my genealogy, how do I begin to find my Skinner ancestors?

If you are really just starting, you may want to follow the link below to determine how to find your ancestors:

Free Genealogy Classes are Available Online

Freshen your research skills at your own pace!

Current courses include Beginning Internet Genealogy and Tracing Immigrant Origins.

Written by experts, these lessons offer something for researchers of all levels:

 If you have gotten your Skinner line back before 1900, you may be able to find your ancestors in one of our data bases at

If you're still not having any luck, you may want to post a query to the Skinner query pages:

I've sent in a query to be posted to the Skinner Family Association web site. When will it appear?

Chances are, if you are receiving this note, your query has been posted to the Skinner Family Association web site. It will also appear in an upcoming issue of our quarterly "Skinner Kinsmen Update", at which time we will also search records which have not been posted to the web site. Your data will also be included in a future posting of the web site data base. Thanks for being patient!

I sent a response to a query. Now what happens?

Your response will be posted with the original query, show up in a future issue of our quarterly, and the information will be added to our data base.

I sent in a GEDCOM of my SKINNER family. Will it be posted to the website?

All Skinner GEDCOM files will be posted to the SKINNER Family web site.

We will take care to try NOT to include family members who were born less than 100 years ago. Family members who do not have a date of birth listed in the GEDCOM file and who were born less than 100 years ago may not be selected out during processing. Please be sure to include a birth date for ALL family members!

Your name as contributor will be included in the notes section.

We will also include your e-mail address so that others can contact you.

I know my ancestors are listed in _____'s published book about the "Descendants of _____" , but I don't see them in your data bank under the same.

Many published books have not been extracted to include information about all of a particular's descendants. This is due partially to copyright issues, but mostly due to time limitations. We are always looking for people to extract names and dates from books and then create GEDCOM files which can then easily be added to the data bank. Most of the information in our data bank has been contributed over the years by persons researching that line.

I sent information some time ago. Have you come up with anything new?

If you sent us information in the past, and you have received a response regarding that information, it has been added to the data base. When new information comes in, the new contributor receives the names and addresses of those who have contributed before on that person or line. Many times you will be contacted by either the new contributor or us regarding your prior submission. In any event, if you write a second time, you'll be in queue again, and we'll update you as your request comes to the top.

I'd like to contact someone listed in the "Notes" section.

More recent contributors have included e-mail addresses which are given in the "Notes" section. You can use that e-mail address to directly contact the person.

If you'd like to contact someone who is listed as a contributor of information to an ancestor in the data bank when no e-mail is provided, just follow these "simple" instructions:

  1. Write your letter of introduction as you normally would.
  2. Put a STAMP and YOUR RETURN ADDRESS on an envelope. (We have some OLD addresses and I'm sure that you'd like to get your mail back if the person you're looking for has moved.)
  3. Be sure to put the recipient's name on the front of the envelope - we'll put on the mailing address.
  4. Attach a note to the envelope with the ANCESTOR's name you're asking information about in case we need to backtrack for an address. Also, please include the URL, i.e. of the page where you found the information
  5. Put that envelope(s) into another envelope addressed to Skinner Family Association/Forwarding, PO Box 2594, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729.
  6. As soon as we receive your letter(s) we'll address it and send it out to the person you're trying to contact.

I'm looking for someone born in the 1900's. Can you help?

We have very little information on persons born since 1900. Most persons doing research let it be known to others in their families that they are doing the family tree. Persons seeking contemporary Skinners need to track down their family genealogist. If that's not possible, we can post a query on our web site and hope that someone sees the information.

How much information do you have on English SKINNERs?

Most of our SKINNER lines began in England. However, most of our lines emigrated from England to the Colonies before the American Revolution. We have very little data on SKINNER families from England after 1800. We have a few great friends in England who have been extracting data over the years, but there is a long way to go on having a substantial amount of information that would be helpful to a researcher.

How can I help?

If you are a genealogist and have been collecting information about your SKINNER line and would like to share your data, please send us a copy of your Skinner family GEDCOM to connect to our posted data. Please be sure to let us know who to connect your line to by giving us information on which line you descend from.

How do I send a GEDCOM file?

Your genealogy software program will have some way to export or save a file. Be sure to export or save your data file as a GEDCOM (.GED) file. These can be attached to an e-mail note to us at Gregg "at sign"

I want to / I have contribute(d) an article to Skinner Kinsmen Update. How do I prepare and send it?

We have temporarily suspended publication of the print Skinner Kinsmen Update. However, we are looking into ways to create an online newsletter, much like what you see for the out of print issue.

Original articles relating to Skinners in general or a Skinner family can be submitted for publication in the Skinner Kinsmen Update. Once you have written your article in your preferred word processing program, copy and paste it into an e-mail and send it. You can attach any graphics that might be part of your article to your e-mail. Or, you can save your file as an .rft file and as a text only file, then attach both to your e-mail. They will be included in an upcoming issue of our quarterly Skinner Kinsmen Update. You will also be notified in which issue it will be published.

What about adding links to the Skinner Web presence (links) page?

We are always on the lookout for Internet World Wide Web (WWW) links to other Skinner pages. Along with all other e-mail requests, adding links will be processed as time permits. Internet WWW Pages relating to Skinners may also be featured in an issue of Skinner Kinsmen Update. You'll be notified when the link is operating and if/when the page will be featured in SKU.

Will I ever get a personalized letter from you?

Absolutely! As your request comes up in queue, we will be contacting you with any information we can share, and/or the status of your data. We get well over 25 requests for SKINNER information each week, and there just isn't time to answer all of them right away! We appreciate your patience!

Is there any way to speed up my request for SKINNER information?

You bet! Send me $100+ in small denomination unmarked bills! ; - )

Not really. In all fairness, we try to take requests for information in the order which they arrive. To give each request the individualized attention it requires, we can not take one over another. Also please be aware that we do not have a staff of people working the data. There's just one of me, and I need to work a real job to keep the roof over my head!

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