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(Please re-read as there have been recent (July 2014) updates to the information on this page! Thanks!)

Since its inception in 1984, the Skinner Family Association began collecting information on Skinners and Skinner descendants and inputting this data into a computerized Skinner Data Bank. The Association currently has information on thousands of Skinners and Skinner descendants in this bank, and the number continued to grow as names, family group sheets, and GEDCOM files were received. This information is currently available to any Skinner researcher. A nominal donation is sometimes requested to help offset printing and postage costs.

This data bank depended on contributions from users. While many of our supporters extract data from various sources that is uploaded to this site, we have been very dependent on EVERYONE sharing their collected Skinner information. Many people write and tell us that they can't find their family listed. This is because while we have many visitors, we don't have many contributors. We could liken it to "looky-lous". We believe that this site should be a place of sharing information.

Through this data bank it is hoped that all of the loose Skinner branches will someday be connected to the main trees. Another aim is to attempt to connect the lines of the United States into English, Scottish and Irish Skinner family trees based on available information.

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From its early days, one of our long-term goals was to make the Skinner Data Bank information available for research on the Internet. Thanks to Bob Skinner of SMU, in January of 1998 we began uploading our data bases for research by Internet users. Approximately half of our data bank was uploaded. However, we found it necessary to move our online database elsewhere.

This data bank was developed over the years through the contributions of Skinner researchers around the world. Every effort has been made to exclude information on Skinners and Skinner descendants born less than 100 years ago. If you find any information in our files that you believe should not be made publicly available, please let us know and we will exclude it in future postings.

We are slowly bringing our database online. You can watch the progress of our searchable online database by reading the What's New page.

Until the entire database is uploaded and searchable, we are providing a "browse" feature. From the browse page you can look at the various GEDCOM files we currently have and hope to get included in the Google Search Engine.

Click here to browse the Skinner Family Association GEDCOM files.

If you DO find your ancestor listed in one of our data banks... Please let us know so that we can connect your information (if posted) to ours. Our hope is to develop all of the Skinner information available on the Internet into one large data resource. If you don't have your information posted, please contact us to arrange sending in a GEDCOM file to add to our data bank!

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PLEASE NOTE: When using this search, it will search this Skinner site only.
To return to this page to do another or deeper search, please use your back button.
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LIMITATIONS: As more and more people are searching the data bank, we are finding some problems with the data bases. We'll list them here as they come up:

    (4/12/99) Missing spouses/children: When we deselect persons born within the last 100 years, persons without birthdates are also deselected. We are slowly alleviating this problem by adding missing birthdates with the following patterns:

    Spouses: "abt ____ " where the birth date matches the spouse's birth date, most likely the date was added without documentation.

    Children: "abt 1825/1850" where a 25-year date span is given, birth date is estimated based on marriage/birth of parent(s), or birth(s) of siblings. (n.b. Spouses may be given a span when child is given a span.) 


Over the years we have made various attempts at using codes to let us know where the data has come from and how to find it again. As you find files which apply to your family, you may have questions regarding our coding system. We are including the most common codes below with their explanation to help in your research. If you find a code that isn't listed here, let us know and we'll add it.

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